world’s largest inflatable park in Dubai

world’s largest inflatable park

Dubai opens world’s largest inflatable park, sets new Guinness record

This tourist addition can seat up to 400 people; admission starts at Dh60 per person.

Dubai achieved a new Guinness World Record on Friday by housing the world’s largest movable park.

The inflatable park Jump X, located at Dubai Parks and Resorts, is 1,262 square meters in size and can seat up to 400 people.

“We recently surpassed the largest artificial bouncy mansion’s Guinness World Records record. We have 15 distinct areas, including a tennis court, an obstacle course, a fun field, and climbing walls. At this time, 400 people can fit. Denis Pascal, managing partner of operations at Dubai Parks and Resorts, said that we also have operators inside in key locations to manage the pressure from inflatable boats for patron safety.

Big Bounce America, which spans approximately 1,000 square meters and is located in the US, previously held the world record.

The official certificate was delivered to Francisco Eiroa, CEO of Dubai Holding Entertainment, by the official investigator of Guinness World Records.

“Not only are we breaking a new Guinness Book Of world records, but we are also bringing another non – traditional family experience to Dubai Parks & Resorts,” Eiroa remarked.

JumpX prices start at Dh60 per person for one hour and Dh180 for a family of four.

The debut of the inflatable park follows the recent installation of ‘Dino Mania,’ a free crocodile parade at Riverland at Dubai Parks and Resorts.

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