13 Tips to Sell Your Property in Dubai Quickly

Tips to Sell Your Property in Dubai Quickly

Rushing home sales can be a must for some homeowners. However, this is a very difficult task, especially for novice sellers. If you want to sell your home quickly but don’t want to get a bad deal, make sure you know the true value of your property. Choose the right agents or online channels and prepare all the necessary documents  to  sell your property quickly and efficiently. 

 In a huge and dynamic real estate market, it can be difficult to find the right buyer and get the best deal on a property in Dubai. However, there are some Tips to Sell Your Property in Dubai Quickly. In this article, we discuss the best ways to sell  property in Dubai quickly, whether you are a novice seller or a seasoned investor.


 1 – Get an accurate valuation of your property

When you’ve decided to sell your home, the first step is to have it valued by two or three reputable firms. This should always be an in-person evaluation so that the agent can analyse the property’s location, condition, and any renovations. The realtor should also have expertise and experience working in your community, as well as comparative documentation of comparable houses that have recently sold and the amount they were sold for.

2- Choose A Trustworthy Agent

Ask the agents how they intend to complete a rapid sale while still obtaining the greatest price for you when they come to your home to do the appraisal. From their comparative proof and by looking into their web presence, you may determine which agent is the more active. As you will be collaborating closely to sell the home, it is crucial that you can trust the agent you are dealing with.

3 – Choose A Trusted Channel

The world has evolved, and it is now possible to sell and purchase property online. Choose a reputable website and include high-quality photographs of your home, as well as a snappy description, pricing, and contact information. Examine the listing quality on the internet site.

You may post your property on dubizzle property and have a large number of people look at it. Take nice images of your home, publish them on our site with a well-written description of it, and wait for purchasers to contact you.

4 – Prepare your documents to avoid delays

To achieve a rapid sale, you should clarify with your selected agent what paperwork you’ll need and have them prepared. If you have made any sizable improvements to the property, you must ensure that you have obtained the necessary NOCs (no objection certificates) from the appropriate authorities. These will be necessary for the transaction to be completed, and if they are missing, it may take a very long time.

Make sure you have the original title deed in your hands if the property is free and clear of liens; a duplicate will not be accepted when transferring ownership. The replacement process for the original title deed will take around a month if you have misplaced it.

5 – Agree on a marketing and pricing strategy with your agent

If you want to sell your home in Dubai quickly, it is critical that the debut to the market be done correctly. Professional images, as well as a video and a well-written property description, are required. Your realtor should know how much similar homes have previously sold for, and the listing price for your house should be that amount or 5% greater to allow for negotiations.

Before marketing your home online, the realtor should have a ready bank of possible purchasers who have entered their information and whose needs match yours. They should all be called and invited to an open house event before the launch. 

6 – Prepare for viewings

Agents put forth a lot of effort selling homes, sometimes working past normal office hours. They frequently conduct viewings on weekends, in the late afternoon, and in the early morning. It’s crucial to have your house open for viewing at all hours of the day and to keep it appearing tidy, clean, and attractive at all times if you want to sell it quickly.

Your property’s front, including any entry areas or the front lawn, should look nice and be welcoming. To make the space feel welcome from the time the customer enters, the agent should arrive a little bit earlier than the client, check that all of the curtains or blinds are open, and switch on the lights.

7 – Remember the market knows best

Even when considering comparable evidence,  property valuation is not an exact science and the market will always determine what a property’s true value  is. Values ​​can vary based on many different factors. If after 10 days in the market you have not received an offer to buy your property or agree to sell, you should work with your agent to lower the price to a level that generates more profit.

As a guide, this should be a reduction of at least 5%. The alternative to discounting would be to spend  money on improving the property.However, since you’re aiming for a quick sale, this may not be appropriate as upgrading will extend the time it takes to close the sale.

8 – Consider Offers Made

Consider the buyer’s circumstances when you get an offer. Remember, you want to sell your property quickly, so analyse the price being offered, but more importantly, consider the buyer’s buying stance. Determine their purchasing method: If they’re going to pay cash? Do they have the funds or will they need to raise them? 

On the other hand, if it’s a mortgage purchase, have they begun the mortgage process? If so, were they pre-approved? Because time is of the essence for a speedy property sale, you must be aware of the buyer’s time frame for purchasing it.

9 – Prepare your property for sale

Before deciding to make a purchase, buyers frequently see a number of houses. As a result, it’s imperative to make sure your home shines out from the competition. By making a few minor tweaks, this is sometimes extremely simple to accomplish without spending a lot of money.

Before you start promoting a vacant home, ensure it has been thoroughly cleaned and newly painted. If you intend to live there, make sure the place is clean, smells well, and has enough natural light.

10 – Appoint A Professional Conveyance Company

After your realtor has successfully found a buyer for your house, the next critical step is to employ a competent conveyancing firm to oversee the whole process for you, from contract signing to final transfer. 

In the UAE, property rules and regulations change on a regular basis. It only makes sense to select an experienced firm with extensive knowledge. You save both time and money this way. Professional agents typically recommend a preferred conveyancing business with whom they have worked and trust.

11 – Make Needed Repairs And Update Appliance

One of the most important selling a house recommendations is to fix any damages before advertising the property. Any damage to the floors, windows, or storage areas should be repaired before the sale. If a prospective buyer notices any damage, he or she will most likely move on to the next house. It is money well spent to spend a modest bit of money to present a flawless house.

The same is true with appliances. Updating the appliances is an excellent method to prepare a home for sale. If your appliances are obsolete or mismatched, your buyer is unlikely to buy. as a result, check that the owner has updated appliances, since it is a minor investment that will help your house sell fast.

12 – Make A Great First Impression

Property photography shoots are crucial to the selling process. Any property you represent will make a good first impression on a buyer, as will your professionalism. To ensure that your images stand out and provide prospective purchasers a clear view of the house, take the time to arrange a professional photo session before presenting a property to the clients. As they display much better than empty or cluttered residences and attract more queries, don’t forget to tip one or two staging properties.

13 – Highlight the selling points

Your listing should highlight the property’s distinct selling characteristics. Your realtor should emphasise the unit’s renovations and specific quality finishes that you believe will appeal to purchasers. The advertisement should build a picture of the house by expanding on its main features and accessibility.

These methods will undoubtedly aid in the quick sale of your home. Additionally, all of these stages are what are used globally and not only in the UAE, where they make it easier to sell a home.


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